You probably know them !; the real granny socks wearers. I call it (sorry for my words, it is not intended to hurt you) a typical stereotype. It's a bit old-fashioned and dated, but you know what I mean. Being those socks that you wear during your meditation, visualization, yoga and mindfulness moments.
Almost everyone has a personal image. "Secretly we all have a pair of grannyl socks in the closet". Yes, I am also a bit of a granny sock type but with "without the socks in the 21st century".

Do you also wear Granny  socks ? ....

I don't fit in the st andard (spiritual) stereotype box. I love to wear my socks, I also like to store them in te waredrobe until I feel the need for a granny socks moments again. I also hate dull granny socks questions that make my conscious mindfulness toes bend, to increase the use of stereotypes.
Am I different from the standard !. Yes of course I am, I am me and you are you anyway! ...…. In this blog I will take you on a journey through my With Without Granny Socks. I am a true mindfulness and self-help reader with both feet on the ground. Yet I choose to occasionally look for the depth of life. Not too often because my goat wool socks can't handle that.