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Craziness with a granny sock 🧦

Published on 11 December 2019 at 13:13

I like moments full of crazy things. Spontaneously walking through a puddle, singing loud and false along with the latest hits that sound through the speaker of my radio. Watching Disney movies with my cousins (The little mermaid is my favorite)… ..…

Things like this are at the top of craziness with granny socks.

     Yes ... you can call it the playful inner child that needs attention. It keeps my life fresh fun and enjoyable. That does not mean that I am not or cannot be serious in life. 

The opposite is true, I am very often serious and in for a deep conversation in which I (only too happy) put on my granny socks. 
Floating or not I try to find the balance between playing and being serious. I have to admit that it is not always easy .... Floating is very easy, fun, safe and sometimes even very nice. There is nothing more soothing than meditation, relaxation and mindfulness (trying to live). It is so nice to be in one room with (like-minded) people. What does it sound like as a stereotypical spiritual.
But there is something that makes me feel even better !. That is being human. Making mistakes, doing stupid things with a bit of craziness on a goat sock, I wander through the complicated life. I really enjoy this, just go along with me in the changing world and my life.

Do you regularly put on your granny socks, and then store them again indefinitely? ..

At the end of the year I always have the desire to consult a medium to make a prediction for the year 2020 ... ... My hands itch to make an appointment. I have decided that I will be completely surprised this year.

I see it, no prediction, reading but just all the craziness on a granny sock. 


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