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Marjan de-christmas 🎄

Published on 1 January 2020 at 12:20

The holidays have been again. The year 2020 is a few hours old and then what? ... De-Christmas but I would say. The Christmas tree out, vacuuming, cleaning up. And don't forget to buy new plants.

Because I also have to admit that I haven't looked at my plants in the last few weeks, they look like they haven't had any attention in months.
I even have trouble with not eating annymore the (candy) treats, no Christmas cookie's, oh well it's a good Christmas apology for a chocolate muffin with coffee - tonight just a little more attention to eating Christmas excuses on top.

   I found out that you should leave the Christmas tree among the three kings (for those who, like me, don't know - it's January 6, 2020).

Oops every year the Christmas date is fixed on January 2. Preferably even on New Year's Day ......
  Everything back as it was (tidy is neat) my control freak moment. 

How will you De-Christmas your house ? ..

It gives me the feeling for  inner space, time for something new again. It closes everything old, and I don't just only mean the year. It is also a moment of looking back for me. I don't do good intentions because I just don't implement them. That does not mean that I am not thinking about - changes, improvements, etc. at the beginning of the year. Of course  it is; only I do not emphasize it; just enjoy everything that comes your way.

It's a new world hole, a new fantastic point of view.

I also enjoy doing nothing on New Year's Day. Bumping around around in my PJs instead of the obligatory New Years wishes with family, neighbors, colleagues and so on. I really have a NO GO ZONE when it comes to fulfilling these kinds of obligations. Year after year; I put myself on a sort of autopilot that - hampers the happy new year. This year I am going to do it differently, I will keep Bumping around in my PJs and will be able to de-christmas my house.    

Enjoy 2020 and make it a surprising year.

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