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The surprise year 🙏🙏

Published on 15 December 2019 at 13:03

Me, mezelf and my granny socks, realy like too know it all in advance, we want to know the how and the what before it even will be in my live.. Yes I have to admit I am a bit of a control freak. I have always had an inner feeling that if I know what is coming then I will be prepared for it.

Suppose I am going to make my dreams come true this year;
Who knows, this year it will get better than in previous years;
Now it is finally coming to an end;

And so on...… 

I'm sure I'm not the only one in this. We probably all have questions like this. Questions that we want to have almost spiritually answered. Questions that bring us into a spiritual block or life block ... The recurring control freak that cannot let go. 
It is the same as unpacking your birthday present; act surprised; while you already know what's inside.

As a result, in recent years I have had (less) little balance between wanting to live as a eartly gronded human and being a spiritual human. (I do mean not spiritual floaty, with your head in the sky) ..…. But the earthly unexpected life that brings wonder. I noticed that my behavior keeps everything under control. The outcome can be very disappointing "If you look left you see nothing on the right site of shoulder". Through this method of life, my granny socks shrink to baby size.     

It (almost) never comes out, it is always disappointing .....


I am not saying that you should / should not let predictions do it !, you can know for yourself, if you feel good about it you should definitely do that. But for me it is too much granny socks at the moment. 

I myself have developed in an inner doubt that calls very loudly let yourself be surprised ... ……… .. The surprise year is coming ... …… .. This year I will automatically discover what is coming ..... .. I am  going to experience if this suits me better or if my spiritual self is not compromised.      

Will you come with me on the journey with granny socks surprises? ....

A surprise with and without granny socks and yet being a balanced spiritual person. One that floats nicely today and do sober tomorrow but normally then you are crazy enough.  

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