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Christmas socks 2.0 🧦🧦

Published on 18 December 2019 at 15:15

Christmas is one of the nicest moments of the year for me. It is not only the atmosphere that makes my granny Christmas socks grow. It is the warmth, cosiness, the sparkles that appeal to me. Maybe it's also the hype around it. 

I can also devote it to building up towards a period that I simply don't have that much with. I always count down to February (I'm just not a winter person). 
It starts with setting up the Christmas tree - nice and cuddly; lights, garland, ornaments. I have to admit that for years silver and white have been with me. Will that change no idea. I am just very old-fashioned and steadfast classic. 

Is Christmas also a granny sock moment for you? ....

A large part of Christmas ornaments, garlands dates back from my mother's era and even from my grandmother's era. My mother died on December 1, 1997.   

So well a real granny Christmas socks moment that is very old. I do not always think that throwing away is necessary (with some exceptions).   
Of course you can call it spiritual memories that I cherish at Christmas and are enormously important. Other things have since made way for new memories. It brings new goat wool Christmas socks moments that just keep on growing and developing. 

So don't worry - I'm definitely not stuck in the past. I just cherish the layers of life. I pile everything up, combine old with new until my Christmas Socks 2.0 reflect all the colors they need. 

  I cherish all memories. Old, yesterday and generations ago. For me it is both human (earthly) and spiritually combined. 

For me Christmas is a real "with granny socks moment" ... Just retreat, meditate, visualize, use wishes and mantras to keep the energy on a level.   
In addition, it is also a moment of reflection for me what has happened in the past year. Around Christmas I am several things at the same time. A earthly humanbeing and a spiritually person.     
The funny thing is that around Christmas I am always busy with anything and everything. But also developing dreams and visions for my company for new methods and ideas. Somehow everything seems to fall into place with me at the end of the year. As if I have to finish things again or discover them again.  

My conclusion is that I am realy happy to wear Christmas Socks 2.0 at Christmas and I am proud of it!  

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