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Only time can tell 🕰

Published on 5 January 2020 at 12:38

It often happens to me that I would like to know which step I can take now. What if I can look a little ahead. My head is full of ideas, dreams, wishes; many of which do not match each other completely. They are related to each other because they all have writing as their main subject.

It's just not a logical connection when it comes to method i use. And yet it fits me completely.  But It is a true Marjan connection - playful, childish and cheerful, serious and creative at the same time and so on.   

Today I want to write dreams and visions on my blog; The day after tomorrow I am inspired by my children's stories and so on. 

  This year I have Only Time can tell as a mantra 

And yes it is really a challenge in which I believe, A challenge to be able to put myself on the right path every day (awareness and pitfalls). How cool is it if I just let it develop while I can't see it with my eyes. Knowing that it will always be okay .... Things don't come your way for nothing, right? ....

I think letting go of one of the most difficult things is my challenge in life and especially for this year. I have really opted for 2020 to analyze less, be less in control and enjoy everything that comes my way.
Of course I have a goal, but I want to let all four of them blossom, one cannot do without the other because my soul simply touches this.

I will keep you informed of my (Four dreams) because only time can tell.   

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