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Published on 19 December 2019 at 14:57

Every year around this time there are Christmas cards on my doorstep whether I like it or not "It's so nice and cuddly." I get 1 from you so you get 1 from me ... ...
A few years ago I threw the Christmas card medium in the trash.


The idea was that I am not doing it myself. And B every year I get the same Christmas cards from the same people. With the same Christmas wish full of good and great intentions back.        
I must also admit that I don't have the time to write them, at least I use that as an apology. Because I no longer send them myself; I get fewer and fewer cards ... ... ... ... The old rusted guard knows no stopping ... Because they keep sending me cards over and over again. Maybe it's a good thing that they continue to do it and keep the Christmas cuddly spirit warm … I keep sending them back, but they regularly arrive after Christmas !.       

      Do you also write cards every year; with the line Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! ... ... Or not. If you write something different or personal, let me know!    

    Still I have to admit it has something magical. Opening an envelope and then getting a christmas card gives a real feeling of with granny socks.   

This year I received a card from someone I did not know, could not place and who also had not written a return postal code on the envelope. I searched for an hour but I just stopped, hoping that this person can forgive me for not getting a return Christmas card.  

So I intend to pick up my cuddlyness again and join in with my moment without granny socks. 


 It has something all those cards together, although this year it is only a fraction of what it once was. Every year I send the return Christmas cards to those I generally see on Christmas or New Year .... So nice this reflection and without granny socks human moment.  
Who knows, maybe I can change that by just sending myself Christmas cards and enjoying the large number of Christmas and New Year's wishes that people affectionately touch each other

Do you want to join me? .... to put on the Christmas card mania without the granny socks. How cool is it that you can wish people the best from gratitude, love, sincerity. I still feel a little bit of granny socks coming up with a Christmas spirit.     

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