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Do nothing on socks 🧘‍♀️

Published on 6 January 2020 at 08:38

Sometimes I feel guilty about the fact that I really like doing nothing .... I am anything but lazy, let me put that first out of the qwestion; but i really like doing nothing. Emptying my head, meditating, sitting quietly on the couch and reading a boo k, drinking a cup of coffee … 

Simply do nothing; not because you have to, but because you can.

I learned through my practice Dreams and Visions that when it is not possible; that you are overflowing with stress, obligations, .... It is precisely at that moment that the time has come to do nothing. My inspiration always comes from doing nothing, taking a nice shower does wonders. Just leave the laptop for what it is and suddenly a new blog article spontaneously appears out of nowhere. While if I work to hard (heart) try to hard nothing come's out of my pen.   


Yes I can realy wear granny socks, I always put on my granny socks and love it - meditation and / or daydreaming are my Favo moments of doing nothing. So this blog also started from doing nothing. a real granny sok moment.    

You may also recognize it? ..... 

The things you postpone over and over again, tomorrow I will start moments ... then it is really time for a granny sok moment, i don't do anything moment. Take time of your self and take care of your mind and body.  


Procrastination behavior comes most of the time from; a to crowded head, a crowded agenda, and so on. After doing nothing, there is often an inspiration moment, that leads to a opportunity in your agenda that it seems to fit in all too easily. Postponing is generally at number 1 for myself as an excuse. Especially when it comes to Stop pushing and working hard by putting on my doing nothing socks.    


For me, Do nothing is also luxury, space and peace of mind. It is the ultimate luxury and happiness experience.   

 i have to admid i am a real thinker  and very often (almost always) insite my head. Then is a doing nothing moment is necessary, silence and meditation is both a challenge and an (I am getting better at it) moment. 

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