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Bare Feet Parade 👣

Published on 22 December 2019 at 15:30

I have to admit I am a stress thinker. I like being in my head, analysis is my regular FAVO activity (even when I'm busy working).
Yesterday too. I had another moment of the necessary "barefoot parade" ... ...


I came home from my part-time job as a florist. Take off my dirty sweat socks .... Socks that I had worn all day. They are almost stiff with sweat after hard work in a flower shop during Christmas. "My Christmas socks don't smell like roses". In fact, they smell like stress, pressure, thinking, analyzing and working 

   The first thing I do is enjoy the barefoot parade ..... Socks off; hanging around on the couch and playing music and doing nothing. Who doesn't want that anyway? Being lazy and doing nothing. 
Do you know what always happens to me at moments like this. "Trying to find the combination between being human and the spiritual". My thoughts go in all directions, the analysis only gets worse, until I have found the answer.   Yes sorry. I can not help it. It always happens to me when I relax lazily. The barefoot parade always ensures that I wear granny socks.  

Yesterday MY WORK question kept me busy. When am I going to find more balance in my two jobs (one feeling is tied to the other). The answer was clear after a long thought + my barefoot parade. Why don't I like the one (less) more? Why does the other not quite come out as I had hoped.


Simple - The reversed reality (spiritual or not) that which you put down in the world also comes back to you.

Imagine if someone asks you .... What kind of work do you do?

My answer is always. I am a florist and I am a part-time writer, founder and blogger of my own company …

You would say nothing wrong with that, right? .. Or is it?.      

Because what if you prefer to be a writer, founder and blogger from your heart. It should not be then. I am a writer, founder and blogger and I also work part-time as a florist.    
The reason I always did it that way is also easy to explain. I have been working as a florist for years and it provides the largest share of my income. Being a founder, writer and blogger gives me less income and less steadiness.  
It brings me a lot more satisfaction, love, pleasure and life purpose experience. The ego and society find this secondery and therefore you name it as the last. Granny socks moment on and off .... You will get back what you send into the world. So if I want more balance in my jobs, I have to name the one that makes my heart sing.


I am grateful for my barefoot parade, It brings me a GREAT WITH GRANNY SOCKS MOMENT.  

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