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Social media intention 📲

Published on 7 January 2020 at 11:12

I have to confess something, like many others I am very sensitive to social media - not just for inspiring messages but also just for everything posted by everything and everyone.

It can be called (almost) addictive behavior; because I am on the internet all day (laptop and IPhone, Ipad) I am constantly exposed to moments of social media. 

These moments i scroll throughout the day from short to sometimes an hour. Which makes me so busy - but in reality I have done almost nothing. My book is not finished because of this, blogging is not available because I am so busy. In addition, I have a poor focus and therefore I am even more sensitive to the beep on my phone that rings 100 times a day. 

Is it the fear that I miss something important? ... Or that I don't belong if I don't post something twice a day? ...

 But at least for me at the moment it is a disturbing factor that I want to change and adapt to something that flows better.

Now I was thinking, I'm going to challenge myself. Because I can only make my dreams come true if I actually fully focus on what I want and not on busy with nothing. That is why, from today, I am planning a social media moment in "I am allowed a maximum of 1.5 per day on social media".
So if you see this blog post on social media; then it means that I have released 1.5 hours for my addiction ..... 
I am curious how quickly I will get over my addictive behavior and how much more productive I will be in the coming weeks. A while ago I had already tried not to put my phone on my bedside table; but unfortunately I have to admit. After a month without; I am back again and my phone is just next to my bed - because you would miss something important! 

 I am going to enjoy writing, working, blogging, etc. will you join me ?.

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