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Marjan's way of prepping 🥘

Published on 11 January 2020 at 13:00

Yesterday I went shopping, since I am a single person, a full bag of kale is far too much for me alone and then I love to prep. I am not really a seasoned prepper, but I regularly cook for more days and then freeze it in a very old-fashioned way with a date sticker. 

  Do you ever prep?...

There are also plenty of moments when I don't feel like prepping, let alone bringing groceries for the entire week and then I really choose easy and luxery  

When I'm done with my part-time job, I quickly go to the store. I have to admit, I live a 5-minute walk from the store, so it's not a big deal. But shopping is just not my most favourite thing to do.  
I recently had another anti-prep moment. I had almost literally nothing in my pantry. My brother, sister-in-law and kids come by unexpectedly while I can't even offer a cookie with coffee.

For me a real Oops Moment First Class

I was thinking about it and maybe it's because I'm single than I don't think about it at all? ... But it is strange if you have nothing at home. In the fall the painter was busy with the frames of my house (a nice green color is not ugly).

Do you want a cup of coffee, sir; Ehhh .... I didn't even have coffee milk; ... Oops, do you want tea, sir.

Yet I also have to admit once I am busy, then I also like prepping for a few days in advance. Stuffing everything in my freezer, loading my pantry with anything and everything. So that I don't have to buy anything in the coming days. Can eat quickly and easily, grab  something that is already prept because everything is then in abundance.


I have to admit there is nothing as easy as putting everything in the microwave or just bake it in a baking pan.
Open a pack of cookies while there is much more in the pantry to go for. The only drawback is once it is open, then it must eventually be eaten!.   
My intention is to continue prepping; but then in the marjan style - just when you feel like it - not really prep with a goal, but I do look at what I make and what I do style. 

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