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Moon sensitivity 🌚🌘🌗

Published on 13 January 2020 at 13:15

In recent days there have been many questions that come to my mind. This is just because I am sensitive to the moon. Yes, I am someone who does not sleep during the full moon and also during the new moon, who is overwhelmed during the day and so on. I even feel the energy of myself and of all the people around me during the day.


Yes it is a true Granny sock moment spiritually.

I don't know how it comes, how I deal with it, ... Just gone by accepting that it is. I have given several tips here on Dreams and Visions that I would like to share with you as a supplement (if you are interested). New monthly dreams etc. Moon in the dream picture
 One of the answers I found was the realization that I experienced a real with no goat wool socks moment from You cannot missout on your destiny. (and I have to admit, I find it difficult to let go). That which has to happen comes on your path whether it is positive or negative. You can at most; get lost once, make mistakes, take the wrong turn and arrive late. But that which must be the case will come, whether you have it under control or not.     

Because I am a real control freak, this is one of the hardest things to learn. In one way or another I now have peace with it in the year 2020. It gives me a sense of relief and freedom ... ... I don't have to worry anymore, it will all be fine. 

Playing and having fun is an important topic for me that is directly related to this.
The full moon ensures that I let go of everything and I find that difficult, but it is getting better and better bit by bit.

Are you, like me, also moon-sensitive? .... or did you also want to map out the journey completely before you have taken the first step? ... Because I like to do that. I whant to know the whole journey before I start. Most of the time it does not come my way at all, only when I let go and face my fears does the whole journey appear spontaneously. So I enjoy this great full moon and let the energy flow completely onto me.   

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