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The my little pony Oops 🦄

Published on 14 January 2020 at 09:09

The challenge I had given myself is really disappointing. But my addictive behavior seems to be more difficult to undermine and change than i had sattled for. 

 It is not that I do not want it, but I (easily) fall back into my old (unhealthy) pattern easily. Fortunately, the moment of awareness always comes around. It brings me back on the right track. So I'm going to work very hard on it again. 

The my little pony in myself calls out!.

I now feel just like a My little pony Oops ... ... .. When I was a little Marjantje I sat every morning on the tip of the chair in front of the TV watching My little pony .... Before the episode was finished I always had to go to school. But I try to sat on the chair for as long as I could until my mother got angry. When I came home from school, I could watch the replay if I was lucky. My mother had the parenting rule that the TV was not allowed after school, and that we had to play outside  

So I have to admit that both little and big Marjan are troubled by the power of habit. 

  But if I look at it really well, it would also be strange if it had been very easy. It is again a wonderful Without Granny socks moment to learn from. It is primarily a moment to persevere. Rome wasn't built in one day either. The influence of the perfect lives of other people can take other forms, towards more balance in my life.   
Getting rid of old patterns is quite something. I learned that when I do things in small steps. The result will be greater than if I suddenly make big leaps forward. I hope that this will also be the case with my social media challenge. Only Time will tell. And the my little pony in my is now awake so on to the next steps.  


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