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Grannysocks cleaning ๐Ÿงน

Published on 19 January 2020 at 13:17

I moved last spring. The boxes have been unpacked for months, except for one, which remained unopened. This box simply contains the unimportant things such as administration, pens, pencil sharpeners, staplers, tape etc. 


Yesterday was such a day in which I wanted to spontaneously tidy up and organize ... ……….Now is the right time to sit down and read letter after letter and open every envelope.  

There i am, on my knees next to a much too large box full of stuff. That which I have not looked at in years. To my surprise I find not only administration, but also a large amount with photos, reactions from clients, letters, thank you, gifts and loving memories People who crossed my path through Dreams and Visions.  

What cool to be able to experience this. These memories just pour in, I sit on the floor crying, I read one after the other thanks, sincere words, gifts and the wonderful letters that people share with me. 

Wow, how grateful I am for everything I have been able to do in recent years. What an amazing unexpected experience that means so much to me. The crying cannot stop moment; what a fierce thing this is and what a fantastic job I have. Apparently I have touched more people than I have consciously "been able to experience" lately, Although I knew it on an unconscious level. The thank you, the presents, letters, notes are proof. But I haven't felt this this way lately.
Thankfully I was able to inspire people. That maybe I am not (yet) where I want to be deep in my heart. But I have touched many beautiful souls and that means the world to me. 


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