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Little girls grow up 👧👩

Published on 28 December 2019 at 12:31

Once upon a time there was a little girl, who knew exactly what she enjoyed doing. But she could not get exactly what she wanted! ... She was just too stupid. The little girl wanted to write. The girl did not understand the concept of writing. Left-handed, or right-handed, that was the question of learning arrears in a special primary school. Just as long the girl practiced and tried to teach the girl to write without result. 
Small steps forward, many steps backwards. As the girl grew larger, the dream and the desire seemed to fade. Several paths were followed and she mainly chose the logical and easy paths.

Supported by the (ego) idea; that she was too stupid to ever be a writer.

  Time and again the little (big) girl came back to that one dream. A real book in the store or library. Not (fully) supported by her family, friends and acquaintances, the (ego) advice did not do it now .... You are not smart enough. Now just stay on the path you are walking on "So safe". 

Eventually the big girl gave her dream a chance !. She started writing about what had occupied her whole life. Dreams and visions in the girl's head became a bestseller .... How disappointing it was when the book could finally be admired on the shelves of a bookstore.
The big (small) girl had to deal with criticism, bad advertising ...... Which made the big girl feel very small again. Returned to that little girl who once had a dream but was told that writing was not for her. The big girl was discouraged. The green grass was mowed under her feet. She no longer felt like ever taking the pen in her hands and writing again. The fixed safe path with a profession that is not completely synchronous with her soul mission.

Then you have the gnawing moment; the why emotions, tears and sorrow. That in one way or another can be transformed into courage, strength and perseverance. The girl only sees the importance after years of trying, falling, standing up. It is precisely this process that is needed to get to where you need to be.

"What you have to work the hardest for is what you have to do"

Often your life's purpose, soul assignment and / or whatever you want to call it, your whole life is present in your life in one way or another - either sideways or active. 


Because, that which goes with small steps becomes and remains successful. That what you wear with seven-mile boots is boring in the long term and does not get stuck.

                Believe in the dream you had as a child. I hope you didn't give up! Eventually it will come back in whatever form. 

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