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Search for all colors 🌈

Published on 1 February 2020 at 11:06

I have adjusted my website, new formula, sleek, easy to use and for everyone (uniform) without prejudice. I have wanted all colors of the rainbow website for a long time .... I want to appeal to all people and not just a specific group.


It feels good to do this; but oddly enough, I come across one thing I hadn't thought of at all. I didn't even know it would be so hard to find new photos that could represent all colors.

Of course, dreaming, visions, transformation, living from the source is not a subject for which many photos could be available. But really I can only find pictures of white people. (not that it is not beautiful though) of course it is but I just want a rainbow of colors and stories.


The first thing that goes through my mind is I am the only one who has thought of this? ..Am I the only one who is bothered by this, or am I making a big deal out of nothing? 

It sounds like a real Without Granny Socks moment - I can't let go and wait quietly. I want to change my website and I don't want that in a week; but I want it today.


You know what, for me all rainbows, unicorns, true colors count and that is important to me regardless of what others think. 

I really believe that we all look through the same eyes. That we all deserve the same, whether you are a child, adult, trans, gay, bisexual, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, neighbor, great-great-niece. Unicorn, elf, gnome, big smurf. Reincarnation of a celebrity, twin soul, well creator at sea "We all count" and that is really what I want for my website. 


So with this said, a place call to photographers, photo artists, creative people - if you have beautiful photos or images that reflect all colors let me know. because I am looking for it. 


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