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My favo moment 📰

Published on 29 January 2020 at 11:13

Yesterday I stood in front of the magazine rack in the supermarket and admired the large quantity. I really enjoy this; it may sound strange but it is my favorite supermarket moment that I never skip. Whenever I have the time I like to go to the bookstore and feel like a child in a candy store ....


I must honestly admit "I am a real reading Geek", and I am not just talking about self-help books, novels, trillers. Also about magazines ... I get inspiration from really everything. I don't take it literally, but I see opportunities, information, knowledge and wisdom in the simplest articles. I read almost literally between the lines and words. And I have to admit it is a real With Without Granny Socks moment.


Are you also a magazine reader or do you prefer self-help books.


Not only because I can then relax and gain knowledge. But also because it inspires me - some articles I read for a purpose, while others only give me a title (a starting point) for a blog post that can grow. 

The funny thing is that I not only read spiritual magazines, but everything that catches my eye ...... Cooking, the newspaper, sports, hobby, women, finances, kids, nature and yes even gossip pass my reading inspiration. They then fall on my doorstep more than regularly because I can't miss my favos and a subscription is that easy! .......



So I not only get inspiration from training, meetings, firing moments, training, coaching, but also from magazines and so on.


Once I had the dream of becoming a magazine writer, being a columnist seemed like fun - actually I have to admit it is still on my list of "I want to do that someday". Of course I have already written an article here and there, "great to do", but never for the national bestsellers. So if you are interested - just let me know -.


Where do you get your inspiration from? ..

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